EMC Camera


Imaging and capturing different high energy radiations and emissions

EMC camera is designed to record photographs and radiation intensity of high energy radiation.
In these cameras each type of radiation is converted to visual light with the aid of a special phosphorescent curtain. The resultant image is captured by meticulous optical system by a sensor.
The sensor is a high quality CCD with wide dynamic range and low signal to noise ratio.
At the meantime, this camera can be installed on TEM microscopes and is ready to be used in scientific organizations. EMC Camera is installed directly on six holes flanges which is located in most microscopes. In microscopes that do not have the flange, it is possible to install with an auxiliary flange.
It is also possible to install the EMC Camera above microscopes column to increase field of view but it may result in loosing magnification and resolution.

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Fanavari Kahroba Company started its activities in 2011 with manufacturing EMC Camera device and began to be a member of science and technology park of University of Tehran since 2012. Later on with devising thin film thickness measurement device and far distance Moiré measurement device, its official activities in precis measurement industry begun. Its optical surface topography measurement devices was introduced in 2014. Thanks to first ranked graduate elites, Kahroba’s company has devised several products with no international competitors. In addition, its products have the advantage of consumers support, precision calibration and being financially affordable for local manifactures. Among the highest valued policies of Kahroba’s company, science management can be mentions. Its most precious investment is expert graduate researchers. Reaching high shares of optical based measurement devices in the international market is one of the perspectives of Kahroba’s company. This aim not only does increase national economical growth, investment return and export, but also it does help to improve scientific foundation of the country and creating more job opportunities. In order to achieve this goal, Kahroba’s mission is devising high precise optical based measurement devices without international competitors based on national scientific experts. Academic customers, research projects, industrial customers, International exhibitions

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